1. Beautiful Offering 4:32
  2. My Story 4:39
  3. I Belong To God 4:22
  4. Come Sit Down 5:35
  5. The Lion and The Lamb 5:06
  6. Heaven Is Here 4:21
  7. It's Already Done 4:02
  8. I Will Go 3:34
  9. Praise You 4:15
  10. Glory Unspeakable 3:34
  11. You're Gonna Love Him 4:26
  12. Digital Booklet: Beautiful Offerings 0:00

My Story

Big Daddy Weave

One story about "My Story"

  • Mary Denault says:

    The kindness of Jesus that draws me in! Love that part! This song has opened my eyes to living every day asking him what do you want me to do today? Jesus is so kind to us and puts up with us in every breath we take! He does not give up on us, and neither should we!

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