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Today's Life Verse: Acts 15:11

Our Lord Jesus was kind to us, and we are saved by faith in him

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  • Daughter school

    My daughter is set to graduate high school soon and has fallen way behind. If she does not start working hard at her school work she won't graduate. Please...

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  • 3 year old son passed away

    Please pray for my boss, she lost her 3 yr old son this morning. I'm not sure how yet, but can't even begin to imagine the pain that she's...

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  • Pray to prevent a sucide

    I know a young man that has made some poor decisions, that have now found him in a legal situation. Please pray that he stays safe and doesn't take his life....

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  • Job requirement

    Dear Beloved, Please pray for me for a new good, stable & great job urgently with utmost job satisfaction with out any problems and a job that I love, where I...

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