BratFest 2018

See ‘Stars Go Dim’ on Saturday night during BratFest…

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Dave & Candice – Technology and our kids

When books were made available to the public, people were appalled at how much time kids spent with their faces in books.  Is technology usage the same overreaction?…

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Pray Together Sunday

Sunday, July 8, is Pray Together Sunday, a simple opportunity for churches to join with hundreds of other churches across the country and ask God for spiritual renewal.…

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Please pray for my friend ‘CJ’ - that his heart would open to God, that family would reunite, and there would be direction for his future. He’s a good...

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you guys I made a big mistake and I am so sad but I am trusting God for Romans 8/28 I let my son choose to go live with his father but the massive anxiety I...

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My need...

Jesus must increase I must decrease. Make me a soul winner Lord Jesus, for Your glory, for Your praise, for Your Kingdom and for my joy. In Jesus' name....

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Connecting Faith

What are you in awe of?

Humans are hardwired for awe, but sin distracts us from the glory of our Creator and often we end up worshipping everything but God.


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Listening to God

We think a lot about what to say in prayer, but are we missing the most important part of the conversation?



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