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21 Day Challenge

Thank you for giving Life 102.5 a try by taking the 21 Day Challenge!  Consider listening to Life 102.5 for 21 days and see if you’re a little more encouraged and positive throughout your day. Please let us know you are taking the challenge below.  You’ll receive daily encouraging emails for 21 days telling you…

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Healing family hurts

Holidays can be an especially stressful time if there are unresolved issues in your family. Dr. Linda Mintle shares tips for healing family hurts.

Dr. Linda Mintle


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Knock Satan Down!

My husband, Ron was forced out of his last position as CFO of a 'Christian-owned' company in 2012. Despite over 2 years of actively searching for any...

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IVF cycle

I am an older woman. I am hoping to have a successful IVF surgery. I would really like to have a big family. I just got married and it took me a long time...

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Father Passed Away

My dad was called home Thursday night. He has a huge family (6 kids, 9 grandchildren, and SO many more siblings, in laws, nieces and nephews). I’m asking for...

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Winning the war on worry

Worry can be a daily fight. However, we can retrain our brains to pour out the anxious thoughts and fears to God.


Forgiven and free

Forgiveness is not an easy process in general, but it can actually be especially difficult to forgive ourselves.

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