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Assured of salvation

How can we be assured of our salvation? Susie Larson shares some of her thoughts after chatting with pastor and author Greg Gilbert about salvation.

It’s all about Jesus

Buddha is not essential to the teaching of Buddhism, nor Muhammed to Islam. But everything about Christianity is determined by the person and work of JESUS Christ.

One Good Friday

The ladies hurried in and started removing items one by one. The lights were dim in the room that brought a quiet solitude. Everyone was reverently sitting and watching. One by one the candles disappeared, the flowers were next, then the cross that was centered on the veiled stone altar. In only a few minutes, nothing was left but the…

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Matthew West gets it – “Quarantine Life” original song

I’ve watched it happen, over and over again and it breaks my heart every time. He stumbles into old habits, berates himself, questions his salvation, and wanders from the faith for a season, thinking he needs to clean himself back up before he enters the Father’s presence again. But if he could see what I see, he’d never wander again.…


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