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Redefining happiness

Being grateful on a daily basis will bring contentment and happiness into our lives. It may even change the world around us.

How motherhood can lead to blindness

When I first laid eyes on my newborn son, I didn’t know that motherhood would impair my vision.  On that day when I drank deep the sight of him, all wet and wiggly and wonderful, I had no idea that I’d  be prone to blindness. When I lost myself in his baby blues, my labor-weary body ravished by awe,  I couldn’t have imagined that…

Thanksgiving – It’s good for your soul

Thanksgiving is a time for food, family gatherings and football. Once everyone is gathered at the table, my husband asks us to share what we’re thankful for. I’m sure many of you do likewise, but from now on, don’t make thanksgiving a once a year occasion. I don’t mean regularly cook a full turkey dinner,…

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Matthew West gets it – “Quarantine Life” original song

Even when we are going through difficult life circumstances, there is still a way to experience happiness. God’s truth can redefine happiness in our lives. Lisa Harper reminds us that happiness doesn’t have to do with life’s circumstances, it’s more about the posture of our heart. “The way I define happiness is not the absence…


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