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Wonder Working Lyrics

I’ve seen so many miracles
I forgot what the word impossible means
Praise hands to the sky, get your hopes up high
‘Cause with God it’s a regular thing

I’ve seen so many plot twists
I’ve stopped tryna guess how He’s gonna move next
Just lean back with the lions, cookout in the fire
I don’t have to be so stressed

Anytime it looks too hard
I’ve learned to lift my eyes to the stars
‘Cause the Maker of it all,
He made my heart
My heart

Oh I belong
To a wonder working God
Making a way like only He could
And all I can say is “God is good”
Oh I belong To a wonder working God
Trading my chains for victory
My God is working a wonder in me

I’ve seen too many comebacks
To believe that it’s not gonna happen again
Flipping numbers on the scoreboard
Listen to the crowd roar
You already know who wins

CentricSongs (SESAC), Crondor Music / Dream Label Group Publishing (ASCAP)

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