Wake Up Sleeper Video
Wake Up Sleeper Lyrics

Thank God for the daylight
I spent a long time in the dark
Felt good saying goodbye
Waking up to a brand new heart
And if you’re sleeping like I used to be
In a grave that holds you tight
There’s a Savior calling
Promising a brand new life
He’s saying

Wake up sleeper
Open your eyes
Oh sinner, arise
Leave your past at the door
Wake up sleeper
Come to the light
Christ is alive
Death don’t live here anymore

I bet you like that freedom
I bet you like your new name
Oh, welcome to the kingdom
Yeah we all feel that way
So if you meet somebody sleeping like the way you used to be
Tell ‘em ‘bout the Savior
And a little thing called “free”
Go ahead and say

Rise up and come out of that grave
Rise up in that amazing grace
Oh sleeper won’t you come awake
Come awake

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