Wait And See Video

One story about "Wait And See"

  • Cindy says:

    I just found out my cancer is back! This is #5, and the 3 time in 5 years! Day one of diagnosis is filled with lots of tears and my own pity party. Day 2 is when every song I listen to triggers memories and more tears. They I decide to use music to inspire me. I have family and friends who count on me. I have 2 beautiful Granddaughters who I want to watch grow up. I have loved “Wait and See” since I first heard it and thought of the song right away! I know “he is not finished with me yet!” and I have to wait and see what plans await me. The other song I fall back on is from the Troll movie, “Get Back Up Again”! I find out our Medical game plan soon. I am a professional at beating cancer and know I can do it again. Your song and many others will help inspire me to keep my spirits and faith going. Thank you for your music!

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