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See Me Through It Lyrics

Things are getting real
Jesus take the wheel
Only way I’m getting to the other side

Days are getting dark
Life’s a little hard
Blinded, but I’m tryin not to lose sight

Pre Chorus:
I don’t got this I know you got this
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And I’ll believe it
Before I see it
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I know you’re gonna see me through it
If anybody can you can do it
God I know in the trial and the pain
Fire and the rain
You’re gonna see me through it
You’re gonna see me through it
If anybody can you can do it
And whenever my heart runs away
You save the day
You’re gonna see me through it

When the sky falls
Who am I gonna call
The one who put it up there in the first place
Full scale attack
Devil on my back
Better lace ‘em up
And go put on my game face

Pre Chorus Bridge x2:
Our God Is bigger than all our problems
The only one who knows how to solve ‘em
So if you’re sitting in the back
Rock bottom,
Prayers in the air if you got ‘em

Chorus Outro:
Yeah, yeah, yeah I know you’re gonna see me through it

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One story about "See Me Through It"

  • Janice Chilcoat says:

    This song lifts me up. Just heard it. It was the last song to play as I arrived to work. It lifts me up out of my ‘lows’ when I’m down. Great song to start the morning and keep playing in your head and your heart all day long, ESPECIALLY on a Monday. Lol. Keeps me in a place where I am so at peace that the enemy can’t tough me if it tried.

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