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Never Been A Moment Lyrics
I’ve been sinner
I’ve been a saint
A little bit of both every single day
I’ve been lost
But somehow I’ve been found
There’s been some pain
Been some regret
Been some moments I’ll never forget
But when I look back
From where I’m standing nowThere’s never been a moment
I was not held inside Your arms
There’s never been a day when
You were not who You say You are
Yours forever, it don’t matter
What I’m walking through
‘Cause no matter where I’m going
There’s never been a moment
That I was not loved by YouYou’ve been the rock
You’ve been the peace
Always showing Your good heart to me
My days are marked by grace I don’t deserve
You’ve been the price I could never pay
You’ve been the light that has led the way
No matter where I am, I am sureSo where could I go that I could wander from Your sight
Where could I run and never leave behind
Your all consuming
Heart pursuing
Grace extending
Never ending love
Your love

There’s never been a moment, no

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One story about "Never Been A Moment"

  • Cheryl says:

    Heading home after dropping my grandsons off at school, this song hit me out of no where. I am in a Bible study with some other ladies. We are doing Kelly Minter’s “What Love Is”. His Love, His Light. This song struck me this morning reminding me that there has NEVER been a moment God hasn’t been with me. His love has and will always be there. 😉 Blessings to all of you. Do not doubt, God is always with us.

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