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Mean Girls Lyrics

Mean girls don’t remember what they said
It’s funny cuz I can’t seem to forget
Their whispers opened up the door
To a world called insecure
No, mean girls don’t remember what they said

Stick and stones may break my bones
But no one ever warned me about words
I smile and I pretend it doesn’t hurt
But the older that I get it just gets worse
Lord, find me and remind me that my worth
Is worth so much more than their words
You say I’m more than their words
So much more than their words

The little girl inside that picture frame
Was smiling cuz she never heard of shame
But now mean girls are the reason why I change my clothes a thousand times
Before I walk out the door

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One story about "Mean Girls"

  • Linda says:

    I have been the subject of emotion and verbal abuse all of my life by the men that say they love but yet they tell me that i am ugly and lazy and not worth the breath i breathe. This song has taught me thatI am at the age of 54 worth more than their words. Thank you so much for showing me this and helping find my strength in Christ. This song is me from start to finish. Keep going and helping others with your gift

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