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I’ll Be Okay Lyrics

Give me peace when I am tossed and frightened, lost among the waves
Give me hope when I’m in doubt and fears are clouding up my faith
Would You come and move the mountains
‘Cause I’m too weak to climb
Promise that You’re with me in this fight

I can hear the thunder but I’m okay
‘Cause You’re with me
I know You will cover me, I’ll be safe
‘Cause You’re with me

I’ll be okay, I’ll be okay,
I’ll be okay, I’ll be okay

Tragedy could hold the sharpest blade against my skin
Threatening to open all the wounds I’ve tried to mend
Would You come and be the healer
That I know I’ve seen before
You’ve promised me that I can be restored

Make me okay, make me okay
Make me okay, make me okay

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One story about "I’ll Be Okay"

  • Nicole Brezonick says:

    This is my Song!!!! I have been going through a couple of months of not good blood work and my dr trying to figure out what is going on. This is my song that I am clinging to that I am going to be Okay and that God is with me and has got this!!!

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