Already Done Video
Already Done Lyrics

You got your hopes up
But won’t let your guard down
I know you trust him
I know it’s hard to walk it out

But when he leads you
He’ll always see it through
So you can…

Run right at your mountain
Like it’s already moved
And chase down your Goliath
Like you know he’s gonna lose
Maybe your waters haven’t parted yet
But the time is gonna come
Cuz when our father makes a promise
It’s already done

Verse 2:
Lay your fears down
And lift your head high
Cause impossible things
Are where his faithfulness can shine

Pre 2:
He’ll never leave you
So when he says He promises
You know He’s comin’ through

He’s never gonna leave you
Never gonna let you go
Never let you down
He’s always gonna lead you
Always gonna be the one
Working all things out

Joel Vaughn Music (BMI), Essential Tunes (SESAC) / Man Cub's House of Music (SESAC), Jonathan Conrad Gamble (BMI) Essential Tunes (SESAC) / Man Cub's House of Music (SESAC) admin. Essential Music Publishing

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