Be Inspired Salon

When it comes to the hair, makeup and waxing services we provide, we knew we couldn’t be and do everything for everybody. Early on we decided that we wanted to do a few things really well. That’s why we specialize in bridal hair & makeup, women’s hair coloring, men’s haircutting, and naturally curly hair. We like to say that we are experts in everything from the neck up.

Pure Nails

Our vision is to provide a clean, healthy environment where everyone can receive luxury nail services without sacrificing or risking their health and wellbeing. Cleanliness is one of our top values because we’ve experienced other locations that haven’t made this a priority and have suffered the consequences. We don’t want that for anyone and that is why we use new and sterilized tools on every guest at every visit.

Another top value of ours is guest experience. Our PURE PEDI and PURE MANI services are all inclusive. Meaning, your investment with us will include all of the steps a luxurious manicure and pedicure should include such as the scrubs, masks, and massages. Located near Be Inspired Salon on Junction Drive, or call today at 608-515-4775.

8302 Globe Dr, Suite 100
Madison, WI 53717

(608) 271-2771



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