We take this time to remember the babies who have been aborted in our nation since 1973, over 62 million. Friday night we invite middle school and high school youth and their families to come and learn about the unborn, fetal development, and why it’s important to remember them. Our keynote speaker, Rev. Arnold Culbreath from the Douglass Leadership Institute, will be presenting on both Friday and Saturday. We welcome all the community to come on Saturday for a full day of hearing local and national speakers and testimony, as well as worship, prayer time, and a short hike and memorial service. We remember the babies lost to abortion as well as those who’ve made the decision to abort and the trauma they’ve carried for many years. Anyone interested in memorializing the babies and learning how to pray and care for the those who have also been hurt by this decision are welcome to participate, including churches, crisis pregnancy centers, sidewalk counselors, therapists, and the community at large who has a heart of compassion for the babies and the post-abortive women and men. This event takes place at Journey Church in Kenosha, WI on Hwy 50, just East of I-94/41. The Youth Event is Friday June 4 from 7-9pm, and the entry fee is a package of diapers, which will support local crisis pregnancy centers. The Conference & Hike is Saturday June 5 from 8am-3pm, and the entry fee is $10, which includes a personalized memorial painted rock, continental breakfast and lunch. Learn more details and register at twentythree61.com.

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