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Lisa Morrone, PT

Reducing your risk of colon cancer

I realize the discussion of “down under” body parts can cause some people to become squeamish. So when it comes to talking about colorectal health you might just want to end this conversation right about now. Please, I beg you, don’t. By the time you reach your fifties, this organ can treat you right, or things could go awfully wrong.…

Are you overdue for a check up?

When you purchase a new vehicle, you are handed an owner’s manual with a specific maintenance schedule to be followed. This mileage-dictated timetable, suggested by the manufacturer, is in the vehicles’ best interest—and in your best interest as its owner/operator. This is because the vehicle will undergo predictable wear…

Portion distortion

A few times a year I get on the scale for my biweekly weigh in and find that my subsequent readings are on the rise. There are typically two culprits: I’ve either been veering towards poor food choices or I’ve been eating to my heart’s content. For me, it is typically 80% of the latter. This statement may sound a bit judgmental, but size…

Fat: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Digestible fat has gotten a bad rap these days. Some diet plans have you drastically restricting fat grams without any regard as to the particular fat. My concern is that you will throw the baby out with the bath water (or the good fat out with the bad fat) in striving to purge fat from your menu. There are many reasons we need to eat the…

Name your pain

Often times, during my initial evaluation of a patient, I will begin a series of questions regarding their pain’s quantity and quality that leaves my examination room filled with the sound of crickets—if you would—utter silence, much confusion, followed by prolonged contemplation. It’s as if my patient has shown up for an exam…

Downsizing in 2014

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve—the theme of these gatherings spent with friends and family can be summed up with the popular phrase:  “Go big or go home!” However, if we are honest, what occurred over the holidays is that we “Got big; then went home!” I believe that scaling back in the food intake department should be…

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