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Carl Bliss

Finding the spiritual in physical fitness

A few years ago, I took some intentional steps to move from a fairly sedentary lifestyle, to actively seeking opportunities for physical fitness. I can’t say the pursuit was spiritual when I began. I was looking to fit better into my clothes, have a little more energy, and find a cheaper life-insurance plan. Over the last 4 years,…


4 steps to productive disagreement

We live in a time when we are communicating with so many people in so many ways. From our tweets and status updates, to our emails and meetings, it is becoming easier to take our words for granted. It is easy, especially with our written words, to get into situations where we disagree, and where tensions can begin to run high. Tim Muehlhoff…

Go a little further

A Christian friend of mine had a great job. He was in an influential position with an organization that really allowed him to shine a light in a dark world. Another friend of mine, a non-Christian, worked for that same organization. I asked the non-Christian friend whether or not he knew my Christian friend. “Yeah… he’s the guy that…


2 questions you can use when discussing social issues

As a Christian, I have a worldview that is shaped by my faith. Where I have always struggled, is in how that worldview should impact the way I interact with culture. How should my faith be expressed in areas of life such as politics, religious liberty, and more. Too often, my initial response is to simply nod and listen, without expressing…


Have we forgotten how to do Thanksgiving?

You have probably seen the pictures since grade school. The first Thanksgiving meal with the Pilgrims and Indians enjoying a meal together and having a fairly good time. Thanksgiving has increasingly become a holiday we glance over. It has become a wayside rest on the road to Christmas. Historian Robert Tracy McKenzie would encourage…

A king, a toilet, and a cave

One of the things we allow our girls to do as we read through the Bible, is to pull out the crayons and paper and draw something that they heard. This allows them to keep their hands busy, while soaking in the reading. One of my favorite drawings came from our Kindergartener. (And I really wish I had kept it). It was a guy, wearing a crown,…

3 lessons my garden taught me about parenting

We have a garden in our back yard. Things grow very well in it. Unfortunately, not food. The strawberries we produced were eaten by rabbits before we got to them. Most of our rhubarb went unharvested. The only things that thrived were dandelions, and some nettle. I’m sowing strawberries, but I’m reaping weeds. It isn’t a matter of…


Got pain? Get over it!

2 years ago, the front tire of my bike, met the space between a railroad track and the road. A half second later, my hands met the pavement. I broke both of them… in a few different places. That moment of physical pain provided lessons (always cross the tracks at a 90 degree angle… and unclip from my pedals). And it left scars that will probably…

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