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Summer Shepherd

Seeking where we won’t find

I learn so much from my kids. As much as I try to instill profound wisdom and lifelong lessons that will get passed down throughout the generations, I’m always the one learning. And it’s always gleaned from the MOST random things. Like hide and seek.…

What do you mean she did it AGAIN!?

“I can’t believe it. No way. Unreal. You’re kidding, right?” It’s all I could manage to say when my husband told me that Aurelya, my usually-so-responsible 5 year old, had cut her hair AGAIN.…

No Seriously: It’s a Christmas Devotional

As our gift to you this Christmas, we have put together a little something for you to enjoy and listen to with your family. We hope it helps you understand, just a little bit more, the significance of the Savior being born on the floor of a stinky barn. We pray that it draws you closer to the Reason of the Season and to each other as we head…


Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson loses his hair and beard for charity!

For all my Duck Dynasty fans out there, the thought of one the Roberston boys losing their signature hair likely causes mixed emotions in you: on one hand it feels like sacrilege; on the other hand you’re overcome with maddening curiosity. Well, Labor Day was the day for Jase. He lost his locks to benefit MiaMoo, his daughter…


When puddles fight back

There has been a lot of rainfall in Madison in the past few days, with more to come. As reports of flooding come in, make sure you’re extra cautious when you decide to have a carefree splash in a puddle.   You’ve been warned. 😉 -Summer…

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Thank you for the Legos!

Do no delete this page, it is being used to pull all of the posts by one particular Contributor.…

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