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Connected Life Book Club

Creating Community

We could not be more excited to introduce you to The Connected Life Book Club. Our heart is to build community among the women of Madison and Southern Wisconsin through the exploration of some really great books. But this isn’t your standard book club. We’ll be engaging with you on various platforms to help you go deeper with the book, and with each other. Read on to learn more about how this book club works and how you can get involved today. We can’t wait to explore together.

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Group Guides

To encourage you to go deeper with the reading we will be sending out weekly discussion guides. These discussion guides will be sent via email and archived on our website. In the event that you join with us in the middle of a study, you can easily access past guides and catch up!


Connected Life Podcast

Summer and Niki want to be able to study along with you, so each week they will be releasing a mini podcast where they will share their thoughts on that week’s discussion questions. As the book study wraps up, Summer and Niki will be hosting an official and full-length “book club discussion,” which they invite you to be a part of.

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Get in touch

The Connected Life Book Club is a community and we long to engage with you. If you have comments to share, questions to ask, or insights to give, you can leave them here! Make sure you also join with us on Facebook to get the most out of the Connected Life community.

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