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In one photo God took my breath away

I had the most amazing experience last week. It wasn’t a big deal except to me. That’s what this blog is for. To inspire you to look for God in your every day life. I had a professional head shot session done by a local photographer, Her grace reflected a changed heart for God and I experienced God’s comforting presence…

Downsizing in 2014

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve—the theme of these gatherings spent with friends and family can be summed up with the popular phrase:  “Go big or go home!” However, if we are honest, what occurred over the holidays is that we “Got big; then went home!” I believe that scaling back in the food intake department should be…

The power of preparation

I just got back from a health immersion in Florida where I’m blessed to teach and train people about Visibly Fit™ a couple times a year. If I were to highlight just one word that was used most frequently at the conference by the doctors and speakers …that word would be – PREPARED! Not only because the conference comprised mainly of prepared…

This is why you were grumpy

Nobody chooses to wake up grumpy. It’s hard enough leaving the comfort of a toasty bed only to be hit by a chill in the room somewhere on the magnitude of 5:00AM in Nome, Alaska.   But this time of year, the lack of sunlight coming into your bedroom and the abundance of wintry air only adds to your struggle with that groggy feeling.  As…

Exercise: I think I can, I think I can

I don’t know about you, but I often have grandiose dreams about the exercise goals I can accomplish. Then reality sets in and I have to acknowledge I am a mother of four – two of whom are small. And I don’t have a gym membership. Even so, physical fitness is important to me. When I don’t find a way to wedge it into my days, I get grouchy, stressed,…

Will the real sinus headache please stand up?

Growing up I remember watching the popular game show, What’s My Line? The program began by announcing that one of the four panelists had an interesting career, such as an astronaut. The other three panelists were “posers” (imposters). The contestant’s job was to question the bunch, and when the allotted time was up, they had to guess…

Alternatives to The Gym

The holidays are behind us, and as we look forward to the new year, the word “resolution” gets kicked around quite a bit. And for some of us, that means thinking of that dreaded place known as The Gym. My “visions of sugar plums” quickly turned into the “reality of Christmas cookies”, and I ate them with abandon.  I recently had my cholesterol…

Supplements that calm joint inflammation

Many people have achy joints they must contend with. For some, their joint pain is short lived—brought on by an aggravating activity or by fluctuations in the weather. For others, their joint pain is a chronic, daily irritant. If your joint pain comes and goes, but is “gone” more than “on”, you would probably due best to rest, apply…

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