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Can you slow down?

I’m in my late 40s, life expectancy is shy of 80 for males. Ask those in my life, I can feel the pressure to pack my life full of activity and maximize my time by doing all I can. In school, we’re encouraged to join as many clubs as possible to make the most of our educational experience. At work, it’s expected that we’ll be unreal productive…

Things you never thought you’d say… then you had kids

A graphic designer from Iowa has 4 boys under the age of 10, and just like most parents, he’s had to say things that simultaneously make him laugh… and cry. His method of coping is to design posters that go with the sayings, and I want to buy every single one of these and put them in my kids’ room. Here are some of the prints…

Those A-HA moments

My favorite moments with kids are those moments when they, seemingly… on their own, ‘get’ truth. For example, a 5th grader I know made a comment this summer that she was glad she went to VBS on her birthday because usually her birthday is all about her and very self centered and that day she learned/remembered that…

The valentine box

It’s a little old fashioned and leans heavy on the sentimental (for teachers and moms mostly), but every year at this time I still sort of secretly like it when my grade school kiddo comes home and says it’s time to start creating the annual Valentine’s Day Box. For the past 11 years we’ve pulled out the construction paper, scissors,…

A trip to whine country

I’m sure we are the ONLY family who deals with whiney kids, right? Our girls are getting to the age where they are beginning to recognize their “whineyness”… or… if not theirs, that of their sisters. Tonight we had a great chance to talk through what it means to be content. We read through Matthew 6 as a family tonight, and spent a good…

Jesus, the elf, and a piece of chocolate?

Call me crazy. I’ve decided to combine all three this Christmas. I rolled this out last year as a trial and it went over so awesome with my kids that they asked if I was going to do the same this year. Yeah for new traditions! You might say, “But Jesus is the real reason for the season you don’t need anything else. Lock…

Tired of keeping all those Christmas traditions?

I used to go all out for the holiday season decorating, cooking, and making homemade gifts. I’d send out cards with yearly letters and photos, make videos for the grandparents, and shop for unique and well thought out presents. By Christmas Eve I felt exhausted and crabby but I was determined to make Christmas feel like Christmas.…

‘Tis the season

The Christmas season has officially arrived.  People are busy with shopping and wrapping and cooking and parties.  In the midst of this busyness, let’s look at an important way parents can teach their children about the “Reason for this and Every Season” – modeling.  Modeling is possibly the most important thing parents can do…

The power of a Christmas tradition

I’d like to say it was my idea, but it wasn’t. My wife is the gifted and nostalgic one in the family. For years, at Christmas time, my family would affectionately refer to me as “the Grinch”. My wife, on the other hand, understood the power of a Christmas tradition and, over the years, we have adopted many meaningful traditions.…

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