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Lori’s story

I often hear stories on the radio of people hearing a song at just the right time…well, it happened to me yesterday. I got a call in the morning that my sister-in law had passed away during the night from carbon monoxide poisoning and that my brother was being admitted to ICU in critical condition. As I was driving to Chicago to…

Sindee’s story

I am the proud parent of my 17 year old grandson whom I adopted when he was 2. I have raised him as a single parent and it has been very rewarding but also very stressful. We both love the Lord, one time he even announced to me, “that I am no longer his best friend, Jesus is.” With that said, I am 60 years old, almost done raising…

Don & Betty’s story

My wife Betty is in her final stage of life. She got diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the 3rd. time in fall of 2016. She chose no more surgery or chemo treatment and entered hospice care a year ago. I may lose her before Thanksgiving. There have been several songs that have ministered to us both such as I Can Only Imagine and now more than…

Linda’s story

With November being adoption month, I’d like to share mine! I was adopted in 1959 as an infant by June and Robert Hammersley. I had one older brother, Gery. I was an answer to their prayers as they were unable to have children of their own. I was blessed to be in a family full of God, devotion and love. My Parents taught me humor, reverence…

Michelle’s story

I am listening to all of your music and helping me out with emotions inside of me. My favorite song is Trust in you. My personal life has been struggling, on with friendship and hard times. It’s complicated life problems, with family and friends too.…

Jennifer’s story

I have been dealing with a difficult family member, and it has sunk me into such a depression. I had another difficult contact tonight, I decided to take my dog for a walk to ease my mind before rest. When I came back home, Tenth Avenue North’s song “I have this hope” was on. I was so overcome, it captures my life exactly.…

Ann’s story

A friend of mine recently died unexpectedly. I called her “my Prayer Warrior” as she seemed to have a direct pipeline to God’s ear. Whenever she would ride with me she would ask why I didn’t listen to 102.5 and I could never think of a good reason why. Several months ago I tuned my car radio to 102.5. It has been…

Mandy’s story

After my second son was born 2 years ago I got diagnosed with postpartum depression by one of my midwives.  At first I tried brushing it off and saying how I could handle my thoughts and emotions by myself and naturally with God. After battling with it for about 2 months, my husband suggested that I see a Christian counselor and try medication. …

Michelle’s story

Since the passing of my grandmother, with whom was my greatest inspiration, my faith has grown tremendously. Your station has made the biggest impact toward this. After several very difficult days recently, one prayer I repeated was for strength and courage to not lose trust that God’s plan is for my own well-being. The last…

Tiana’s story

I’m a senior in high school. Before I moved here for second grade onward, I went to Catholic school. As I went into the public school system, lost all my friends, and dealt with temporarily separated parents (my dad had new job, mom didn’t at first). We didn’t go to church. I stooped believing in God, mostly. I would…

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