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Maya’s story

Over the summer I went to a Catholic camp while I was an atheist/agnostic, and one day that week I discovered God and his awesome power through adoration. Now, each week on Wednesdays I am able to go to adoration during my lunch break and eat lunch with and pray to our Lord. I am so grateful that I accepted God back into my life, and I am so…

Richard’s story

This Christmas season has been crazy good. I’ve had problems with my car but didn’t know how to fix it, much less pay for it. I asked our father for help and guidance. After much prayer, He supplied not only the mechanic but He also supplied the funds to get my car fixed. I also received a gift the Christmas that will never…

Whitney’s story

I’ve been going through some eating disorders and bad anxiety the past 3 years of my life as well has seeking validation from others. I’ve always been a believer in Christ, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve made more of an effort to really build that relationship with Him. There are two songs that literally speak…

Jess’s story

Six years ago, I moved my 5 year-old daughter and I out of the house we lived in with my then husband. My husband had a drinking problem and refused to admit it and receive help. Our household was becoming a dangerous place to be and for the sake of my daughter and I, we moved out. For years I had prayed that God would help my husband and our…

Kristi’s story

This is an example of God’s Grace: 23 years ago, I was introduced to an amazing company, Country Peddlers and Company of America, Inc., that I ended up joining. Lisa Brandau and Becky Wright had the vision to change lives and they did mine. 20 years ago at a Country Peddler Gathering, I met the person who would become my very best…

Deanna’s story

I was driving my car in for service last Tuesday before Thanksgiving and the radio was doing a fundraising challenge. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure what was wrong with my car, but I could feel my heart saying I should donate. I really wanted to call in because if you donated your name would be entered in for the Christmas concert.…

Edith’s story

My husband is from Janesville. I met him where i am from, Scottsville Kentucky. He was working as an Engineer and i was an assistant manager. Love at first sight. We moved here so he could be near his son and watch him graduate highschool in 2018. It’s been a real struggle with money and jobs here. In July, my wonderful husband got…

Cynthia’s story

Tonight I attended a class at my church that is meant to help me heal from a very painful part of my past. Tonight’s class was ended with a demonstration that struck me to the core. A facilitator described her experience with a rose saying that she started out with her center torn out and that experience left her making decisions…

Karol’s story

My daughter moved to Madison almost 2 years ago after graduating from college. I live in Missouri. Periodically she would text me the “nearly impossible question.” When I was visiting her, she had 102.5 on in the car. When I left to drive home I set my radio to 102.5. I heard that there is a phone app for the station. After…

Josh’s story

I work at a small town local used car lot, and I help get the cars ready to sell. Before I put a car out on the lot for sale I always turn the radio station to Life 102.5. This I my way of sharing the Gospel with others. If at least 1 person finds Christ, encouragement, or is uplifted by hearing what’s on the radio on their test drive, it…

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