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Rick Newman’s story

I am a Christian who has been married for 40 years and has 3 grandchildren as of October 2018. I work from home on an online website and am nearly done writing the book “Leaving A Legacy:a story of faith and persistence.” I listen to WNWC daily and have had people come over to work on household items and state that they know…

Joy’s story

My name is Joy Spillane. My mom passed away 3 years ago come October. She was always there for me no matter what happened even when she was sick. I got married 2 and a half years ago. My mother in law is one person who has been a constant person in my life since my mom has been gone. She treats me as her daughter and not daughter in law. I don’t…

Patricia’s story

My son and I moved here from St. Louis, MO in August and the first radio station that I found was Life 102.5. My son was being bullied to the point that he was going to kill humself. He came to me before he hurt himself – THANK THE LORD!! He and I listen every morning when I drop him off at school and on my way to work. I have the app on my phone…

Theresa’s story

We have listened to the station for about 12 years now (since we moved to Wisconsin).  In 2012 our 3rd child was born. At 3 months old we ended up in the ER at the Children’s Hospital. We would learn to call it 2nd home. After a long initial stay and countless ones to follow, we learned our precious little girl had a rare genetic disorder.…

Autumn’s story

Recently my daughter, almost 13, came close to being groomed by a predator online. At first I was angry at myself because I work for a domestic violence and sexual assault agency. I thought, how could I let this happen? I’m trained to know better, what to look for. Then I was scared, scared of how this could of gone rather than how…

Sharon’s story

When I was eight, my mother was addicted to heroin and my dad took custody of me and sister. I didn’t see her again and I started to listen to Life 102.5. Out of all my life’s drama and trauma, Summer always lifted me up and the uplifting music, I always felt loved. My family always listen to Life 102.5, I overcame my trauma…

Laura’s story

You asked for stories about the song “Even If” by Mercyme. From the time this song hit the air, I have prayed the words repeatedly. This past fall my nephew, age 43, went to be with the Lord. He had Ewing sarcoma. He was a Praise and worship minister at a Southern Baptist Church in Florida. He was a loving and much loved husband…

Amy’s story

My mom used to have Life 102.5 (or WNWC, as we called it back then) playing on the radio ALL the time. She would even leave it playing when we left the house and say it was for the dog :-). Now, my brothers and I, who are in our mid-upper 30’s, are carrying on the Life 102.5 tradition with our own families. We each have 3 children, and…

Mark’s story

On July 28, 2017 I had gone to a hospital in Monroe, WI for a sore leg. The doctor came back and said he was sending me to St Mary’s hospital in Madison because my blood counts were not right. When I got to St Mary’s I was met by a doctor and he told my blood counts were showing I had a form a cancer called AML, a blood cancer. I spent…

Veronica’s story

In March of 2015 I lost my son at 18 weeks pregnant. I was so lost, broken, and didn’t know where to turn. I had been leaving the hospital and decided to flip through the radio stations and came across Life 102.5. The song “The Hurt and the Healer” by MercyMe was playing and it resonated with every deep sorrow I was feeling.…

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