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Taunya’s story

I stopped frequently at the Dunkin Donuts in Fort Atkinson. Today was the first day that I noticed that there were a group of men, brothers in Christ, studying the Bible and praying for other men! What an encouragement!!…

Lorie’s story

15 months ago my twin sister Julie Rortvedt recorded a message on your station about God answering prayers all in “God’s time.” At that time she had been dealing with cervical cancer and it then was in remission. In June 2019, the cancer returned. She unfortunately passed away on August 4, 2019. I started hearing you play her message…

Ruth’s story

My mom always had the radio tuned to WNWC so I grew up listening to your station as a child. I am now in my 60’s so I’m quite sure that I have heard your encouraging music since you hit the airwaves 60 years ago! There are countless times when just the right song was playing – God truly works through your station. Thank…

Beth’s story

I am listening to Summer right now and it is really hitting me down deep. I love our Lord, our savior, Jesus and I love being in the Holy Spirit being. My son and I were at Wal-Mart today and a lady moved her cart to collide into mine. I must say I wasn’t paying to much attention. I was looking for the items on our list. When her action…

Maddy’s story

I recently got out of a pretty serious relationship as we were engaged and planning our wedding. I still feel hopeless and like giving up sometimes but my ministry community and Life 102.5 have really helped uplift me in times of extreme darkness. Thank you for all that you do.…

Juanita’s story

Gosh, where to start. 19 months ago, yesterday, my Dad passed away. It has been really hard. My parents had just celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. God has always been a central figure in my life. I have always listened to Christian radio on and off over the years. About 2 months ago, I started listening to Christian radio all…

Rick’s story

My wife and I listen to WNWC all the time, both in the basement office and upstairs. We love the music and it has quite an effect on others. One man who cleaned our dryer vent notice the music both upstairs and downstairs were playing the music and he commented how he knew all those songs and is attached to them. Another time, a man on the…

Gwen’s story

For the past 3 years, my dad has been an alcoholic. A couple years ago, when I wasn’t old enough to drive myself, he would drive. He drove drunk with me just about every day for 2 years, whether it was in the morning, day, or night. It is truly a miracle that we were never in an accident, as some people don’t even live to be a passenger or drive…

Beth’s story – Happy Mother’s Day

My Mom. Her super-power was taking care of six kids, having a full-time job and dealing with all the struggles we had as well as her own without making a fuss. I can’t remember her ever going grocery shopping or even going Christmas shopping. How did she do this all. She car-pooled to work and got home at 5pm. Dinner at 6pm. We helped…

Ember’s story

My friend has been going through really hard times. Two of her uncles died in the same month and she has been bullied throughout her life by other classmates and some of her friends just to name a few things. After a while, she started feeling suicidal. I have tried to be there for her all that I can, but I can’t always help and my other…

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