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Javier’s story

Do you know that feeling where you’ve had the worst day ever? Well that just happened to me just yesterday. I wore a rubber band on my arm and I know this is bad but I would hurt myself using the rubber band.  I was driving to work ready to break down crying, and the car’s radio doesn’t usually work, well at that moment…

Kim’s story

Yesterday afternoon I had hit my limit with people. My tolerance for stupidity and lack of common sense maxed out for the day, I decided to relax, check facebook, and read the news. This did NOT help, and the tears started flowing. I texted my Mom that I was losing faith in humanity and that the world is headed in the wrong direction. She…

Kati’s story

Yesterday my almost 10-year old daughter Lydia said “Mom, I’ve been cleaning my room and listening to Life 102.5. I have an idea. They were talking about the cruise with MercyMe in January, and I decided I want to give them some money. Even if I don’t win the cruise, I just want to help them. I’ve been praying…

Kathy’s story

I am a mother of 3 kids ! Rafael , Trevell and Faith. I am a single mother who often times turns to Life 102.5 to listen to encouraging music, and songs that help make my day go by without feeling that there isn’t hope! In 2012 , I was blessed with a son, who I named Rafael and has been my biggest miracle I have ever received in my life.…

Heather’s story

I was an atheist for the first 33 years of my life. Church was never a part of my life and when it was, it was something to suffer through. Sometime after my 34th birthday I decided to give faith a chance. I was completely skeptical and felt like a fraud every day. I still do occasionally. I went to church once a month with a friend of mine.…

Lori’s story

The tragedies I have had in my life are many. I was so lost. I was told as a youth that GOD was a punisher for our sins. All I could think over the years was “What had I done that I deserved to be knocked off my feet time and time again?”After my 5-year-old oldest son died from brain cancer, I read the book, ‘Why do bad things…

Sarah’s story

When I was young, I use to have horrible night terrors. When I would wake up, I would be so frozen in fear I couldn’t move (not even to tell my parents). My older sister gave me her radio she didn’t use anymore which I placed next to my bed. One night after waking up from a nightmare I decided to try turning on the radio to Life…

Marcia’s story

I had to go into the hospital and have a heart ablation and when they got me on the table they asked what kind of music I wanted to listen to and I said Christian. They had to make my heart go superfast so they could find a little area that was making my heart go too fast sending me to the ER to have them slow it down. I had to be awake. I was tied down…

Sabrina’s story

My husband and I were going through a very difficult situation with his ex-wife and his visitation rights. Though I use the term loosely. We were struggling to find funds to pay for an attorney and to travel out of state to see his three children. Their mother seemed to believe that she could dictate when and how he would be able to spend…

Clarence’s story

The Lord is working through life 102.5 and is on the move in mighty ways. This week has been very tough for me and my family. My mom major heart surgery on Tuesday, 5 bypasses on her heart. My sister had knee replacement surgery the same day. That with work and other stuff we go through in life has made this a very challenging week. The Lord…

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