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Sharon’s story

This past Tuesday I received a call at work from my baby sister that I needed to leave my work in Whitewater and hurry to the hospital in Dubuque, Iowa because my Dad was dying. The entire drive I was praying and listening to your station when a song saying “You Are Not Alone” came on. It was then that I knew God was going be with…

Jamie’s story

In 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer. I was really sick and didn’t have the strength or energy. I fought cancer for a few years. I didn’t understand why I had cancer. At this point, I wasn’t sure about God and what he meant. I joined a church to pray and ask God to help me. I had a family, I was a single mother of 4 children.…

Patti’s story

I just donated to the fall share and became a member of team 360 in my Dad’s memory. Today would have been his 89th birthday. He went home to God on July 1st and was reunited with my Mom, his wife of 60 years. He left this earth in complete peace because of his incredibly strong faith. I pray every day that we all can find that peace;…

Ashley’s story

Just a note to say thank you for your daily encouragement. About a year or so ago a friend that I spoke to about some things troubling me said listen to Life 102.5 and place it in God’s hands. I took her advice and then last year she asked me to join her at a Christian’s women’s retreat as my marriage and life seemed to…

Theresa’s story

God has blessed me and my family so much I need to share a story of how awesome He is. When I was younger and living on my own I had a ground floor apartment which wasn’t that far from the sidewalk and street. On one particular night when I went to bed I could hear people just outside my apartment being very loud and rowdy. This was making…

Javier’s story

Do you know that feeling where you’ve had the worst day ever? Well that just happened to me just yesterday. I wore a rubber band on my arm and I know this is bad but I would hurt myself using the rubber band.  I was driving to work ready to break down crying, and the car’s radio doesn’t usually work, well at that moment…

Kim’s story

Yesterday afternoon I had hit my limit with people. My tolerance for stupidity and lack of common sense maxed out for the day, I decided to relax, check facebook, and read the news. This did NOT help, and the tears started flowing. I texted my Mom that I was losing faith in humanity and that the world is headed in the wrong direction. She…

Kati’s story

Yesterday my almost 10-year old daughter Lydia said “Mom, I’ve been cleaning my room and listening to Life 102.5. I have an idea. They were talking about the cruise with MercyMe in January, and I decided I want to give them some money. Even if I don’t win the cruise, I just want to help them. I’ve been praying…

Kathy’s story

I am a mother of 3 kids ! Rafael , Trevell and Faith. I am a single mother who often times turns to Life 102.5 to listen to encouraging music, and songs that help make my day go by without feeling that there isn’t hope! In 2012 , I was blessed with a son, who I named Rafael and has been my biggest miracle I have ever received in my life.…

Heather’s story

I was an atheist for the first 33 years of my life. Church was never a part of my life and when it was, it was something to suffer through. Sometime after my 34th birthday I decided to give faith a chance. I was completely skeptical and felt like a fraud every day. I still do occasionally. I went to church once a month with a friend of mine.…

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