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Anna’s story

My daughter passed on Christmas day 2013, luckily Cristina had given her life to God and was raising her 2 young boys in a Christian home. She was a single mom and did her best. God and her boys then ages 2 and 8 were her life. It was and still is terribly hard not having her here with us especially on Christmas. Were raising her boys and with…

Melissa’s story

Last January I lost my job as a Family and Children’s ministry director at a local church due to budget cuts. I’ve been job hunting ever since and I’ve yet to find something that would be a good fit for me and my family. I’ve been rejected from employers almost daily, and I’m discouraged often, but when I turn on Life 102.5, my spirits are…

Sandy’s story

This past Friday, at 7 pm my niece who lives in Coal Valley, IL contacts me and asked if I could send her money through Walmart. Her husband lost his job and they had no money. She is pregnant and due on December 25th, they have two daughters ages 2 and 5. They ran out of food and not eaten since Thursday. After talking with her I called her…

Kathy’s story

I recently lost my mom November 10, 2018. I struggle each day still trying to find my new normal.. So so many times I just want to pick up the phone just to hear her voice and realize that she is gone.. Her Bible was well worn with many passages underlined, even with the date of the sermon. My niece recently sent me this song …..”Well…

Bobbie’s story

I lost the crucifix necklace that my husband gave me for my birthday, right after we started dating. It told me a great deal about the man and his faith that he chose a gift with spiritual significance. We had been married about 15 years, when one day as I got in my car to go to work, I realized that my necklace was missing. I sat there in the…

Pamela’s story

PRAISE the Lord for healing my husband. He had a heart attack on Nov. 14th, it was the widow maker they said. Took him to ER not feeling well, but no heart attack signs. He had the heart attack at the hospital. They said it was a miracle we brought him in. We are extra Thankful this Thanksgiving.…

Chelli’s story

A few years ago I was having a difficult year with my students. I stumbled on 102.5 by accident one morning on my way to school and Just Breathe came on. It gave me the peace and comfort I needed to set me up for a better more positive day. This year my go to song that comes on when I really need it is God of All My Days. Reminding me that God is my…

Mary’s story

I work for the Post Office as a mail carrier. As most people know, we have been dealing with some very cold temperatures. So, imagine my surprise when I came up to a mailbox and clipped to it was a package of hand warmers and a sweet little note from Simon (the 5 year old boy that lives there)… that said “stay warm!” Simple act of kindness!…

Susan’s story

Hi, Whenever I’m feeling suicidal or like I just can’t go on, I tune in. I especially love listening to Summer in the late afternoons. She keeps me sane and makes me feel like I’m not the only person in the whole world who might be lonely or feeling isolated. I feel blessed to live in the Life 102.5 listening area.…

Corey’s story

Good Afternoon! As I look back at my past, I see how God has been shaping my life; all in ways I would have never guessed or planned. From when I was a young confirmad being deeply embedded within the the good Word where I was on the fast track of taking the path of ministry up until my teen and young adult years where I went a different path…

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