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Ember’s story

My friend has been going through really hard times. Two of her uncles died in the same month and she has been bullied throughout her life by other classmates and some of her friends just to name a few things. After a while, she started feeling suicidal. I have tried to be there for her all that I can, but I can’t always help and my other…

Jen’s story

Your topic tonight really hits home about your life slowly slipping away. In 2008, my son passed away from co-sleeping with me. I was a single mother and was doing what helped him sleep, but in the end I ended up costing him his life. I was so angry, SO VERY, VERY angry with God. Why me? Why Camden? He only had 6 short weeks here and hadn’t…

Caroline’s story

I am a recovering drug addict since 2015. I spent almost 10 years (my 20’s) addicted to drugs. I started listening to the station in 2015 when I decided to get clean. I needed the support and positivity the station gave me. When I heard the song by For King and Country “Priceless” it helped allow me to forgive myself…

Christopher’s story

I just wanted to share my testimony on the power of Jesus. When I was 2 I was diagnosed with Burketts lymphoma. I was given a 15 percent chance to live. And am told I was the 23rd person in the US to be diagnosed with it. After all the rounds of chemo not doing anything. And at one point they had to increase the dosage of the chemo where the likely…

Memphis’s story

My father, brother, and I were in a car wreck in Muncie 4 years ago. My dad was injured badly. His back is out of shape even now and he’s always in pain. Many songs by Sidewalk Prophets have given my family hope through the years and hard times. I remember every thing that happened like it was yesterday. I am thankful for the scars…

Kate’s story

I am going through a divorce right now, after 16 years of marriage. And on top of this stress in my life, my father is having medical issues, needing heart surgery. Shortly after we tell the kids mom and dad are getting a divorce, I take the kids to a school event and on our way home and the song comes on, “Maybe It’s OK” by We…

Emily’s story

My husband and I have been on a constant struggle with our farm. We are young and starting our family, working full time and raising calves. Between financials, stress of work, sickness, and the cold we have become very depressed, sad, stressed, etc. It has been very hard through financials, and when one of our calves gets sick it takes…

Patience’s story

Sometimes I don’t know where God is. I don’t feel like He is anywhere and while I was doing my homework “Look Up Child” came on and I felt the presence of God everywhere. Now I know He is here helping me every day.…

Ann’s story

I lost my job of 23 years on January 17th. It has been very discouraging to sart looking again. I have alot of support from freinds and family, but your music is what keeps me going. “Blessings”, “Overcomer” and “Tell your heart to beat again” have all been very inspirational for me. Thank you…

Kathy’s story

Dec. 25th is supposed to be a celebration. This past year had me so depressed and angry. I was struggling financially and it seemed nothing was going my way. I am a strong believer that when you are making good choices and doing good in your life, good will come to you. So why was I struggling so much? Christmas came and we had no tree, no…

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