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Vicki’s story

Years ago I found this station and you have helped me get through all of the difficulties of dealing with my husband’s kidney disease and all of the dark days after he passed away. I am very thankful now to have you with me as we all go through this next struggle. I am an essential worker and see humans turn against each other. It is…

Kathy’s story

In this crazy time of the COVID-19 virus, I am so thankful to be able to work from the safety and comfort of my home. I am also so thankful for Life 102.5 and being able to listen to these great songs while I am working from home. This is something that would not have been possible at my current job. I can crank the music and sing out load whenever…

Elizabeth’s story

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your radio station and the ALWAYS positive and encouraging messages you share with your listeners. With everything going on in the world right now, it is so difficult. It feels like the world has been turned on end. And shook. Hard. Personally, there’s been so many negative changes…

Kim’s story

I am a travel nurse on my first assignment in the DC area. I have been here since early December and my contract was just extended through mid-July. I have been able to travel home several times and had some family come to visit me. Since I have been gone, I listen to 102.5 on the app every morning while I am getting ready for work. I am able…

Dan’s story

I’ve been listening for more than 4 years now. Life 102.5 has become a staple part of my life and I have had multiple times over the past few years where I have heard God speak to me directly through the station. The one that is on my mind at the moment happened last summer, the day before my birthday I was talking with friends about…

Timothy’s story

In 1984 I was in a really bad car accident in a coma for three weeks, lucky I’m still a live. This really makes me to try to in joy every day of your life cause you never know what can happen. God’s love let’s me appreciate everyday, best I can.…

Theresa’s story

When my son was around 5 we found out he was allergic to tree nuts. Over the years he has had blood allergy testing, still allergic, and in his early teens he had a food challenge which he failed immediately. Fast forward to last year when my son turned eighteen and was going into his senior of high school. He decided he wanted to join the…

John’s story

Around 2001, I lost my home. A little while after that I was living in a rented duplex and that’s when I heard MercyMe’s song “I Can Only Imagine.” I always remember that with hope it inspired in me long ago. Thanks for your station.…

Bill’s story

While driving home earlier this morning I heard “Amazing Grace” by Chris Tomlin and I’m so grateful every time I hear this song, especially since a moment about sixteen months ago. In late October 2018, it was confirmed that I had prostrate cancer, and while I know that this is a common and highly treatable diagnosis,…

Chad’s story

I’ve been listening to Life 102.5 for 5 years now and I have found it helps me step back and be thankful for all God has given to me. I was told today my cancer might have returned and I will be going through more tests and I can honestly say I sat in the car turned on the radio…and just hearing the music eased my mind. “Survivor”…

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