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Erin’s story

My story started many, many years ago and I believe that God was shaping me from the beginning. However, I think a pivotal moment was in 2010 when I walked a labyrinth and prayed to God to give me guidance on what he wanted for my life. I was completely open to it at this time. A week later I was presented with a career change and began providing…

Christina’s story

So I’ve always had God in my life in one form or another. When I was a child my grandmother would pick up myself and my two cousins and take us to church every Sunday. I was baptized and confirmed Presbyterian. I went to a church camp in my area every summer for five straight years. Sky Lodge Christian camp in Montello, WI is still…

Dan’s story

I have battled with depression and anxiety for many years. This last year I started commuting to Madison for work and nothing starts my day better and winds it down more perfectly than a dose of uplifting and positive music from Life 102.5. One song in particular that really speaks to me (once I really focused on the words) is Greater…

Lauren’s story

I just had to share my story…. My husband has been dealing with depression for almost 2 years now.  Our marriage has been an emotional roller coaster.  The one constant that I can find is God.  I pray and I turn to him when I am at my worst with it all.  We have had a good streak of good days and for that I am blessed.  This…

Karla’s story

This story is not about me but my niece Jen. Jen is 38 the mother of two beautiful daughters. She was diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer. Jen grew up loving the Lord and has always been a faithful follower. She has a wonderful women’s group from her church she meets with weekly. My heart breaks for her…yet every time…

Veronica’s story

Last week, my 4 year old daughter, my 2 year old son, and I all had head colds. One night, I was up working on graduate school homework, and my daughter came upstairs, unable to fall asleep. I took a break from my paper, and pulled up NeedToBreathe’s Multiplied on YouTube. We snuggled together on the couch with our runny noses and…

Kevin’s story

For so long I had Thyroid Cancer. I got the best news of my life today, that I am officially cancer free! What amazing ways God has worked in my life, and that he continues to today! Praise the Lord! He is good! I am so happy, especially since my greatest miracle alive happened today! Hallelujah! I never gave up, I was a fighter, and now I…

Amber’s story

Last year I lost my Grandma to a lieu of medical issues and then shortly after my dad died from suicide because of his addictions. Hoping for a better 2017 I told myself every night “this is my year” “something great was going to happen this year” only hoping that I would be blessed with a different job that…

Jeremiah’s story

At the age of two I was adopted by a loving couple who already had three children. At first I was very difficult to raise but as the years went on they learned to love me and helped me to love them by bringing me to church and disciplining me like the bible says. They put me in a christian grade school, and they enrolled me into a great christian…

Delores’s story

About 10 years ago I wrote your station to tell you how deeply hurt by betrayal and deep sorrow. I also found out I had cancer. I had a daughter and a brother with Down Syndrome, I couldn’t listen to my oldies or soft rock as it would tear me up inside. I happened upon Life 102.5 and the songs inspired by God healed me Mentally, Physically,…

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