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Kevin’s story

For so long I had Thyroid Cancer. I got the best news of my life today, that I am officially cancer free! What amazing ways God has worked in my life, and that he continues to today! Praise the Lord! He is good! I am so happy, especially since my greatest miracle alive happened today! Hallelujah! I never gave up, I was a fighter, and now I…

Amber’s story

Last year I lost my Grandma to a lieu of medical issues and then shortly after my dad died from suicide because of his addictions. Hoping for a better 2017 I told myself every night “this is my year” “something great was going to happen this year” only hoping that I would be blessed with a different job that…

Jeremiah’s story

At the age of two I was adopted by a loving couple who already had three children. At first I was very difficult to raise but as the years went on they learned to love me and helped me to love them by bringing me to church and disciplining me like the bible says. They put me in a christian grade school, and they enrolled me into a great christian…

Delores’s story

About 10 years ago I wrote your station to tell you how deeply hurt by betrayal and deep sorrow. I also found out I had cancer. I had a daughter and a brother with Down Syndrome, I couldn’t listen to my oldies or soft rock as it would tear me up inside. I happened upon Life 102.5 and the songs inspired by God healed me Mentally, Physically,…

Betty’s story

I am so thankful to God for allowing me to live 77 yrs! I had my 1st breast cancer surgery in Feb ’84 and the 2nd one in Feb. ’99, A few years ago I had thyroid cancer & had 2 surgeries & this Apr. a tumor behind my ear removed. God has always been my strength, through good times & bad times. I retired after many years…

Kaiya’s story

I am eleven and my cousin just past away. Life 102.5 has helped me in so many ways. My favorite song is “I Can Only Imagine.” I like this song because it reminds me that no matter how long it takes I will see God some day. And no matter how much pain I’m in God is always with me. Even if I don’t know what future lies…

Kevin’s story

It has been sooo long since my ex girlfriend and I talked or seen each other, especially when she lives in New Hampshire, and I live in Wisconsin. I lost her phone number, and was worried if I would ever get ahold of her. Then, one day recently, I noticed that she was on Facebook, and contacted her there, and now, we are best friends again.…

Sue’s story

Last week on Thanksgiving I got some difficult news. I was filled with anger and hurt. I wanted to scream at all the black Friday sales and the Christmas decorations on Main Street. Don’t they know this isn’t Christmas? But this week I heard a new Christmas song: Do not be dismayed, help is on the way, A savior is born, God’s gift…

Judy’s story

I was raised Catholic but grew up feeling that this is not where God wanted me. In my adult years I still clung to the traditions but God was slowly leading me to Christian people who shared biblical truth and God’s Word with me. I gave my heart and life to Christ in my late 40’s. I am so thankful He did not give up on me. I felt…

Katie’s story

I am the only secretary at a small church and I drove all the way to the church this morning before realizing I had forgotten my keys. I am the type of person that can be thrown into a spiral of little things to derail me and my thoughts immediately went to – “now I’m going to be behind. . . I won’t be able to get everything…

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