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Doug’s story

After 23 years of marriage my wife finally got fed up with dishonesty and deceit and told me she thought our marriage was over but that we needed to stay together for a few months till our daughter got married. I was devastated and looking back today, I died on that day, May 1st 2017. Through God’s will, my wife asked me if I wanted…

Jenni’s story

Not too long ago, I sat in my car for about 3 hours, bawling my eyes out. I wasn’t planning on going home that night.…

Donna’s story

I love listening to you every morning!! Mercy Me is one of my favorites. On March 14th my Sister in Love went to the hospital for what was supposed to be a routine heart ablation. While they were doing the operation unbeknownst to the surgeon another part of her heart started internally bleeding. God was there though because there was…

Derek’s story

I had forgot to get my couches from a friends house and was getting really frustrated because I needed to move them by the first and was really stressing out and getting frustrated at God because I just had an 11 hour workday and had to come home to this and then I figured it out because of all the people I texted, one was free that day and could…

Becky’s story

I’m 54 year’s old and have a 21 year old son. We lost our husband/father a year ago on April 8th. Just want you to know how much your station helps get me through.…

Robin’s story

Last year was a whirlwind. I graduated college in May, got married in June, and started a new job in August. Everything was going great. Then, in November we unexpectedly found out we were pregnant! It was such a surprise but such a blessing. I experienced so many emotions in that first week – fear, nervousness, excitement,…

Ralph’s story

Hi, I’m attending West Madison Bible Church and I’m learning and living the truth about God and his wonderful son who he gave us. My life was lost and I was headed for hell until I found the sweet comfort in the arms of my heavenly father. Now I have love hope and direction in his love. Thank you! In his name.…

Jeff’s story

I am the RCIA lead at St. Francis Catholic Church and challenged my students this week to listen to Life 102.5 all week from Wednesday to Wednesday when they are in their car. I am hoping this will help put them in a better spot getting to their destination. I know what this station has done for me and I hope it does the same for them!!!…

Melissa’s story

My faith has been a large part of my life. Within the last few years, I’ve felt the undeniable “pull” to answer the call that God has placed on my heart and begin my journey to seminary. As a mom, I’ve questioned many times if this is the right path, but this is a journey that I’ve wanted to take for as long…

Brenda’s story

On New years eve… I met the most amazing man! I had a very very bad upbringing… and because of that… I lost my faith. This beautiful man I met… brought me back to God and I will be forever grateful! Love love this station! So many songs have touched me in ways I never knew possible! Praise Jesus!!…

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