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Stephen’s story

I started listening to your station about a year ago. It has been an encouragement to me and has helped me through some hard days. My favorite song is “Flawless” by MercyMe. I am glad you all continue to have this station on the air! Thank you!…

Amanda’s story

I have battled with depression for most of my life. When I was in the summer between my ninth and tenth grade years of high school, I had something very bad happen to me. While in my tenth grade year I decided that life was too much and made a half suicide attempt. I say half attempt because it wasn’t really an attempt, but at the same…

Jason’s story

I drive every other weekend to go see my children in Wisconsin Rapids. When I hit The other side of Oconomowoc your station finally comes in. My heart always lifts and the joy, no matter how the day has been, is apparent. Usually I hope the song “I Can Only Imagine” comes on and tears fall and I scream aloud as I drive. It gives…

Tami’s story

The station provides a calming sense. I can ‘Just Be’ when have it on. At times it’s the only station I can bare. I’ve found certain songs, and the lyrics have spoken to me when I was in a tough season of my life. Thank you for the encouragement and hope through music!…

Sarah’s story

My mother passed away this past June. I received the call in the middle of the night and had to drive two hours to be with the family. The first song I heard after turning on the radio to 102.5 was Chris Tomlin’s, Home. I’m sure I’ve heard this song before but hadn’t really listened to the words prior to that moment.…

Kathy’s story

As I was on my way home from the gym this morning, I was listening to Life 102.5 and you were talking about fear. My daughter was recently deployed to Korea and I received a text message from her that said things are getting a little sketchy and scary over here, you need to watch the news. Shortly after that I heard the song… “Oh…

Amy’s story

I have been listening to your radio station for months now, when I am not in car, I turn it on at work. The other night I was taking my 2 girls to meet their dad. I have a 8 year old and a 6 year old and I know sometimes they like to listen to what is “hip” right now, so I had 102.5 on and changed the station to Z104 I think, and my 8 year…

Carl’s story

My daughter began a job search after the position she held for ten months came to an end. I prayed for a job for her that would fit her abilities and talents. After a couple months she applied for what she considered to be her dream job. She got a phone interview which led to a second interview which led to a third interview and ultimately…

Melissa’s story

I love having this station, while driving the car it is a blessing to hear the songs to lift my soul and fill me with God’s spirit. My daughter, age 6, who was a micro preemie with many complications including having a very quiet voice, has learned to sing in the couple of years and now knows almost all the lyrics to the songs played.…

Rita’s story

Right now I am struggling to support my children as a single mom. Our family has been through so very much, but I am ever so grateful for every little blessing. We were in a car accident about two years ago, which left me with a shattered pelvic bone and cracked kneecap. During the long weeks of recovery I realized how much I had taken for…

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