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Cindy’s story

This music ministry has a great impact on people but I want to share how it goes beyond that.…

Debra’s story

My son was seriously injured in June from a motorcycle accident. He was in the hospital for 40 days fighting for his life. Today, my son is fully recovered and back to work full time. Praise God. I witnessed several miracles throughout his recovery. From me being told to choice a long term mind care rehab center to having him walk out…

Valerie’s story

God showed me 4 words in His book – “God is my rock.”  I have been growing in faith since that night in 2012. My story is one of complete gratitude and awe. God is so good! It is a story of following His lead. Three years ago the holy spirit had me read Romans ch.12 in a whole new light, and now I read almost every morning.…

Theresa’s story

A couple of years ago when my son was a junior in high school he said that he wanted to join the armed forces after he graduated. This initially made me nervous but he was pretty adamant about it so I was onboard with it. But then his great uncle said he won’t be able to join because he is allergic to tree nuts and has to carry an Epi pen.…

Thomas’s story

Life 102.5 has been helping my family cope with life in so many ways. My four children, all minors are one of the main reasons I started listening to Life 102.5. Our family has struggled a lot, like a lot of families have been through this pandemic and finding this radio station at the time we did has really been a blessing in so many ways.…

April’s story

I came upon Life 102.5 about 5 years ago. I had been saved when I was in my 20’s but had been running from God for years. I got into a lot of new age beliefs (witchcraft) and became very lost. Then I got pregnant and was determined to raise my child up in new age beliefs. While I was pregnant, I lost both of my parents and then other things…

Susie’s story

It’s been a long 22 years I’ve been in a pretty tough relationship praying to God most recently to help me find my way so I may find peace and happiness. I started listening to your radio channel and it has changed my thinking and my heart and to forgive my enemies even though they are all around me. Extra prayers would be helpful…

Stephenie’s story

I started listening to life 102.5 after my mom passed away in February. And one of the first songs I heard and made me cry was “Scars in Heaven.”…

Natalie’s story

Recently I have been going through a darkness in my life. Summer-you were on another level today, talking about how God sometimes answers prayers in a way that doesn’t make sense to us. Part of the reason for my struggle (I learned thru my spiritual counselor via Holy Wisdom Monestary) is that my inner child is crying out to me…

Amanda’s story

I remember the day so clearly! It was December 17, 2017. I was a suicidal mom to 2 under 2. I had caught my husband cheating on me over the internet and he had been for over a year. I was in my darkest place I could ever be. I thought there was no hope for me anymore. My sister invited me to go to Blackhawk Christmas service at the upper house.…

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