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Terrie’s story

I had a routine physical done last Aug 2019 and after some testing I found out I had uterine cancer. I wasn’t sick and I was lucky during the pap test one of the cancer cells decided to drop down and let the doctor know it was there which saved my life since my type of cancer would have been hard to detect until I was to sick. I was driving…

April’s story

4 months ago I went to the hospital because my water broke at 22 weeks. I was able to stay pregnant for two more weeks to make it to 24 weeks, which is when the hospital is willing to take measures to keep a baby alive. My baby, Treasure Jubilee, was born March 27, 4 months early. Her due date was July 15. We have been driving back and forth from…

Raechelle’s story

I’ll be honest. My whole life I have been a devoted country music fan. I listen to it day in and day out without fail. But this February, in one of my most difficult times, I hit the seek button and found Life 102.5. The comforting words of a song telling me that the tough times will end and that I was not alone resonated with me and I’ve…

Lori’s story

I just made a donation and was hoping to tell my story – then I dug around a little and found “your story” Just over 2 years ago I became an Oma to my first grandson. My son has chosen not to go to church or even questions faith. For many many months I asked about baptizing my grandson – the answer was a solid NO –…

Darlene’s story

My daughter was having a tough week, I asked if I could pray for her so I sent her a prayer text and God is answering. My daughter called and said she seen a photo of a tired police officer, which upset her and later she said that all of a sudden she felt lead to give water and snack food to the Madison police she called me up and asked if I would…

Ardie’s story

First, I praise God for Life 102.5. I refer to Lauren Daigle’s song “Rescue” for my testimony. Every word of that song is my story…His story. I was very sick for 4 weeks, then in bed for a good 2 days straight. My neighbor was alerted by some odd texts I sent to her. She alerted another neighbor upstairs who,…

Joy’s story

My story is part of what I have said for mother’s day about my mother in law. Except this is about how my life has changed in the last 6 years. I’ll start with that I have three wonderful children and a husband who I love dearly. In October of 2015, I lost my mom. She was always a constant person in my life who was there even when…

Reagan’s story

Hey all at Life 102.5! I grew up listening to this station, the wonderful music you play, and the uplifting message that you’ve consistently shared. It’d be an understatement to say that you helped shape me into who I am today! That being said, I’m a U.S. Marine. Graduated from Portage HS in 2018 and left for boot…

Karen’s story

I’ve been a Christian since I was little, and honestly my life has been extremely bad but I’ve had a very close relationship with Jesus and I am totally aware that I’m this close because of how hard my life has been, so even though my life is bad I wouldn’t change it because I never would be this close! I praise…

Jane’s story

I would just like to share my story with you all. I’ll begin by telling you alittle about me, I am a true believer in God and believe he speaks to us through all of his beautiful creation called nature. I work at a wholesale cut flower farm here in Portage and have been there for 22 years. It is located 8 miles out of town in the country…

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