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LeAnna’s story

I have been struggling with depression and anxiety off and on for a long time. It has been especially hard for me lately now that I am finishing up my last year of high school. And for as long as I can remember I have been trying to please people and earn their love through my actions and words, and it never seems to be enough- I’ve never…

Hannah’s story

I just felt the need to share my story. 2020 was probably the hardest year of my life. In July and again in December I lost both my grandfathers, one to cancer and the other to complications of COVID. It was extremely tragic, but I felt God there guiding everything into place. I think His presence through the Spirit and you guys communicating…

Jennifer’s story

Hello. I wanted to let you know what a positive impact this radio station has. I was driving a car that was on the verge of breaking down. There was so many things going wrong with it. I love driving so much, but this car made me refrain from that joy. I became more and more introverted as I didn’t want to drive anywhere for fear of it leaving…

Carissa’s story

We lost a family member in a very tragic and unimaginably horrible way right around the time that “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle came out.…

Mary’s story

I thought it would never happen to me… My husband and I have been avid listeners since we moved to Madison in 2016. Now more than ever, this radio station is a very important part of my life. I lost my husband to a fatal motorcycle accident in December! Days after his death, I was getting ready one morning and heard the song “I…

Sam’s story

Hi everyone, I started listening to Life 102.5 back in 2013.  My 19 year old brother took his life just over 3 years ago, and left me broken and with countless questions. This music has been the backbone to the positivity in my life. It has gotten me out of countless lows and obstacles. I’m still searching for my higher power, but the immense…

Lori’s story

We have been bringing our grandson to church (whenever he is with us about every 2-3 weeks) since he has been 4 weeks old. He turned 3 years old in January 2021 – with COVID we had not been able to bring him (parents wishes with Covid – we get it). So this past Sunday we were able to take Ian to church. We sat down (we always sit…

Heidi’s story

After work yesterday I was going to stop at the gym or run errands before driving home but I decided to just head home to enjoy the weather and play with my dog. At 3:43 pm while driving home I heard MY STORY being read by your station manager. I was so humbled to hear my words. Then today after working out I heard it AGAIN!! I was even more humbled…

Tenisha’s story

I am so thankful for GOD saving me! I was moved to be baptized 7/29/2020 and since that day I displayed an act of obedience GOD has shown HIS mighty hand. My key piece of advice to anyone would be to PUT GOD FIRST and KEEP GOD FIRST! We can know HIS word and pray but if we are NOT putting GOD on the frontline then you are not allowing all HE has…

David’s story

Every day from 00:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) I am always listening to Life 102.5 online from right here at the heart of Africa, Kenya.  It feeds my adrenaline for the day and puts my faith up higher. No matter what you’re going through the answer is in believing through Jesus Christ.  Keep the program running!…

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