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Seeking where we won’t find

I learn so much from my kids. As much as I try to instill profound wisdom and lifelong lessons that will get passed down throughout the generations, I’m always the one learning. And it’s always gleaned from the MOST random things. Like hide and seek.…

What do you mean she did it AGAIN!?

“I can’t believe it. No way. Unreal. You’re kidding, right?” It’s all I could manage to say when my husband told me that Aurelya, my usually-so-responsible 5 year old, had cut her hair AGAIN.…

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Get to Know the DJs – Dave Conour

When I first stumbled across Lauren Daigle’s new collaboration with Petey Martin, Come Back Home, I felt… seen. One thing that is not widely known about me, but that I freely share when asked, is that I spent a number of years of my life running from God.…


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Dave Conour Profile
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Dave Conour

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