I’m hoping the stranger who helped me gets to know how grateful I am. If this is shared on an act of Kindness on the morning Life 102.5 program, maybe she will hear it. I was in a store on the westside of Madison, Friday when I tripped and fell. The store clerk and a kind lady helped me to my feet as I was unable to get up by myself. She offered to help me to my car, but I was not injured and able to walk. Before I pulled out she came to my car and offered me a handle to attach to the car lock to help get into a vehicle. She wouldn’t accept any money just said it was used by her Mother who had passed away and would like to give me this precious gift if I was willing. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank her for such a precious gift. In my job I frequently transport elderly for shopping and appointments. This will be an immense help to them and myself. Such an act of kindness from an Angel. All I could do was say God Bless you. I hope I can someday pay it forward.

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