To start the fundraiser off strong, would you be one of the first 300 people to give between now and Monday?

When you give TODAY you’ll be automatically entered for a $1000 gift card. Thank you for keeping the uplifting, hope-filled music going strong on Life 102.5.


Thanks to,

Pemberton Personal Injury Law Firm for making this possible


All entries must  be received by Monday, September 18, 2023 at 9am. A gift or pledge is not required to enter. Send your name, address, phone number and email to Life 102.5/Drawing 5606 Medical Circle, Madison WI, 53719  Contest Rules Apply

2 Responses to "‘Who I Am’ $1000 Kickoff"

  • Lexi chosen says:

    My name is Lexi chosen.
    I cannot email you from my own phone yet because I’ve been hacked for a number of years and the person won’t stop.
    I will be getting the address for you place tomorrow and dropping off some money and yes please I would love a t-shirt so I hope you have one at the shop there wherever you are in Madison. I listen to your station every day and you guys are the bomb with the best music coming out that I ever heard in my life and I just think all of you so much for bringing the Lord even more until my life than ever before as well as my boyfriend boots. I will be giving you his email but we will not put a credit card or any kind of money over the phone because of my ID stuff that I have so we need to drop it by please save me a t-shirt at your shop thank you so much and we love you thank you in Jesus name amen
    Lexi chosen and Boots

  • Kevin Wall says:

    Thanks for the station. I have been listening since I was a kid in the mid 60’s. Back then “Turn Your Radio On” was one I requested often back in the day when you offered times to call in and request a favorite. Last nights concert was a personal favorite. Thanks for putting it together. Kevin W. – Arlington, WI.

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