In the summer of 2021 we went through a very scary and difficult time when my 2 yr. old grandson Niko had a seizure and was subsequently diagnosed with a brain tumor. In the early morning, on the day my daughter and her husband were driving him to UW Children’s hospital for surgery to remove the tumor, they were listening to Life 102.5 quietly in the background and the song “Know You Will” came on the radio. Niko, from the backseat, yelled up to his parents, “Turn up the song!” It was not something he had requested ever before, and if he had not asked them to do that, they most likely would have been so deep in thought that they would have missed the powerful words of the song. They knew it was God speaking to them through the song and Niko was helping his parents to hear the message and to trust God to make a way, even though things didn’t make sense and they were feeling so much trepidation. They shared the story with us soon after it happened and it also encouraged us to keep trusting in God even through such a difficult time. We were so thankful and blessed at God’s answer to our prayers throughout that time. The surgeon was able to remove Niko’s tumor and he is healthy and continues to remind us every day how to be joyful each day, with his big smile and loving spirit. It was an experience that grew our faith tremendously.

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