I’m a young 83 yrs old who still works for our school district! I have battled Cancer 10x and the last yr and half battled Sciatic, Stenosis and scoliosis. I had infection in a finger from cutting a cardboard box! That took surgery & 2 mos. to heal but now it’s come back. The first of Decemeber I tripped on a piece of outdoor carpeting, ended up w/a concussion, broken toes and broken back! I was in a body brace until 2 weeks ago! The strangest thing is, the broken back healed my sciatic pain! I listen to Life 102.5 daily and it’s such an inspiration to me and my family. I prayed daily for healing, more for my grandson in his 30’s who has been battling an illness since late summer & the doctors can’t find the cause. I have faith in God and he’s gotten me through many rough times in my life health wise. He must have a reason for keeping me here this long!!! I thank Him every day.

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