Jeff works for a local ministry that created the Bethel Bible Series. This is a local ministry that has become world-wide reaching. Their mission is to study the Bible in such a way that people will “encounter the Living Christ.”

Bethel Series

Faith & Life Today – Jeff from Bethel Bible Series





2 Responses to "Reading the Bible in a way that brings understanding"

  • Michelle Jolly says:

    This is a wonderful program and I highly suggest taking the class when you can. I am beginning to understand the bible and getting to know God so much more now. But there is so much more to learn. I will take it again in a few years as I continue to grow in my Christian life. Go to to see a couple of the amazing picture stories they were talking about.

  • Rev Moses Odongo says:

    The Bethel series online class have been a blessing to me. It make me understand more and concepts of the bible
    Theme is wonderful
    Blessed to a blessing.
    Thanks and God bless you Amen

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