Hello all,

I just want to start off by saying thank you to this radio station. You all have played an important role in my recovery. I feel a lot of the songs you play, sharing people’s stories, and giving me an opportunity to share mine, help all of us. I really love the song “Then Christ came” by Mercy Me.
I am 2 months clean and sober. I understand that in the beginning it’s tough for everyone. I know, I was sober 4 1/2 years. When I lapsed, I was mad at myself for having to start over. I found now that my story is out (my pastor’s family knows) I can breathe better. The one thing I’m struggling with is returning to their church. I have been going to a different one though.
I am very happy that I have Jesus in my life. Without Him I would be lost. I used to use some profanity. Now, I catch myself. I’m on unsupervised visits. I’m working on what makes me happy. I have been writing a book, which helps me keep my mind off everything. This month is “Overdose Awareness.” I choose life!! God’s not finished with me yet.

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