November 9th of last year my loving husband passed away. He had so many health problems and he was in so much pain at times.  I would have taken his pain.  All of last year I helped him in everything. I loved him.  He was my rock.  He got me through what I had gone through in my childhood teaching and showing me that I can go on.  I’m a survivor.
Since his passing it has been hard at times.  Lately it feels like there is so much coming at me.  My faith wavered through this but again I am realizing I need Jesus to help me get through every day.  The day my husband passed I heard the song by Casting Crowns, “Scars In Heaven” and right away I dedicated it to my husband.  It touched my heart at the moment I needed to hear it.  July 25th we would have been married 19 years.

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