The song “Nobody” by Casting Crowns has reached out to me when I am at my worst. There was a day in my life that I can remember that sticks out to me. Back in 2000 was when I lost my mother and a year later the same month I lost my grandfather.  That song played during that time and it made me feel the same peace and it made me feel like I was somebody. At the same time my younger sister tried to commit suicide and I played that song for her. We looked at each other and just held each other and cried. So at this point in my life, as I’m sitting now in a group home for a little while, as I listen to this song I am very happy to say that the song has pulled me through a lot of of strenuous times and I think to myself that God has pulled me through many strenuous times.  Thank you to this radio station and everyone that plays and supports Life 102.5.

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