My story is simply an act of faith. Two years ago, I quit my job as a Pre-Aide (teacher’s assistant). I had no other job lined up. My husband supported my decision, but it felt like the hardest one I ever made.

Surrendering to God was not as hard as this because I had tried so many other things to fill the void in my heart. In college, I tried a lot of partying, drinking, fornicating with men, and being hungry for more money. All of those things left me empty, so I gave God a shot. He was my last resort. Through that surrender, God showed me how much he loves me and he filled my emptiness.

The reason I was able to quit my job as a Pre-K Aide, despite how difficult it felt, is because God told me to. God has been telling me what to do throughout my entire poetry business as Traci Neal Speaker Poet. He blocks things that are not good for me. He gives me a step. I obey the step and amazing things happen.

This year alone, God has allowed me to win six poetry awards. I know that nothing is impossible for God, but I recognize my limitations. I obey God by doing what he says, stepping aside, and letting him lead. I know have a deeper faith in God than I ever thought possible. The photo you see is a picture taken this year (2022).

If anyone told me I would be a professional poet as I was working as a Pre-K Aide and had previous servant role jobs, I probably would have laughed. Now I see. Every job I had where I served was to always remember I am a servant. It was never about me. It was always about God getting the glory out of my life. That is why having faith in God is so powerful.

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