When I was 15 I was diagnosed with Lupus, which is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the organs. I was really sick for about 3 months and there were no answers in sight and that just sucked. I remember that there was a morning I had slept on the couch instead of my bed because I couldn’t walk up the stairs at this point and I needed help getting up to go to the bathroom; I was calling for my mom to come help and she did. When I got back I laid back down and I said my confirmation passage to her Psalm 27:13-14, my mom crying and me just saying that whatever happens was His plan and that everything will be okay. I still don’t know how I managed to stay that calm. At this time it was just my joints, skin, and hair, but then at 19 we found out the I had type 4 kidney disease. At this time I was finishing up my first semester of college and I was away from my classes a lot which wasn’t good but I finished my first semester pretty good and my professors were so understanding. I had accepted that this could be the end of what the Father had planned for me but I am still here almost 10 years later and this station always reminds me that He is always there and everything is apart of His plan. Then as I was trying to cope with the kidney stuff my high school boyfriend had broken up with me. That was really hard on me I felt so helpless and alone but this station reminded me that I have a purpose and that I have a reason for being here. Because of this situation I grew so much closer to the Father. I made friends that are still friends today that have a similar relationship with the Father as I do. There is something that the Father had planned for me that I didn’t know. Fast forward a few years I met my fiancé and now we listen to this station or the songs that we have heard on this station all the time, especially with everything with Covid-19 and just the craziness in the world! These last 3 years have not been easy on us at all, we cancelled our wedding last year because of everything and still don’t know when that will actually happen but until then we are working on our relationship and getting to know the Father as a couple and as individuals; this station makes it so much easier to be positive and get me on the right track and talks on marriage and relationships have really helped my fiancé and I!

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