God is on the move in mighty ways for and through me. As I was walking a cross around baraboo a woman stopped to talk to me. She asked me if I wanted a bottle of water. We started talking and she opened up. She used to go to church and she saw me carry a cross a few times around baraboo. She said today that God through the cross and told me to go back to church and she will. I talked to a guy earlier this week. He said you may think all you’re doing is carrying a cross around, but I’ll bet you are changing lives as you changed mine. I was back into alcohol, drugs, my marriage was on the rocks, and I stopped going to church. I saw you carry a cross around Portage and God through the cross and you told me to stop the alcohol and drugs, fix your marriage, and go back to church. All of that happened. Thank You Father in Jesus name for that and You’re a good, good Father. God bless you all in Jesus name and all the people say amen.

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