Two years ago I shared my story concerning when I found out I had cancer I was in my car listening to Life 102.5 and “God’s not done with you” by Tauren Wells came on the radio. At the time and even now God was telling me I will survive and beat the cancer. God was right, 2 years later I’m cancer free. I wanted to share something else with Life 102.5. Last Tuesday April 19, I decided to finally buy a brand new car. The car I had I bought new back in 2007 and with close to over 290,000 miles I knew it was time to make a new car purchase. I decided on 2022 Toyota. I was in my new car with the saleswoman and she was explaining how to program my favorite radio stations. Of course I said to program Life 102.5. When she program Life 102.5 just at that moment I heard the chorus “God’s not done, He’s not done with you”. I almost cried happy tears because I knew I made the right purchase and my car has been blessed by God. In this crazy world we get all caught up with stress of work and life you sometimes forgot God is not done with you. God always seems to know when I need encouragement and confirmation that He is still working with me and my life and is not done with me yet. God never ceases to amaze me with his grace, presence on what He has in store for me. Thank you Life 102.5 for being there and spreading God’s words and blessings with song. “God is not done with you” will always be my favorite song that is so dear to my heart. I’m enjoying my life and having so much fun driving my new car.

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