September 2020 I was let go from my job for not turning in my timecard on time. At the time I was both shocked and yet I had a profound feeling of relief, because it was something that was being pushed for since I went to the clinic side. I tried for 17 months, weekly applications, and applying for everything/anything just to get into the hospital. I finally got in and it was great. I then went to the clinic side and that was not so great, and it was the most stressful 18 months.

The blessing in it all; God was and has always been so amazing. He worked through my son, who found my current employment during a delivery. I took some time to travel and lean on Him for the remainder of that year before starting slowly at my current employer. My current employer is AMAZING and I am learning every day. I get to use and serve with my training, but I also get to work with people who have become great friends, family and a big part of my life. God answered in ways I was not even aware of what I was needing or wanting. God was also preparing me for what was coming…my mom’s diagnosis with cancer this year.

My previous employer would not have worked with me so that I could assist my mom in appointments and treatment. Where I am now, they are working WITH me, praying with me, helping in ways that blow my mind and God has made way for us to get treatment at the end of the day, so I can work a full day yet still travel the hour to get my mom to her treatments. As an only child, there is no other relative to assist, but I am so grateful for this time with my mom and the ability to still work.

Things often happen for a reason, the bumps in the road are to help me get back on His plan/direction and I have learned over the years, when I look back and laugh, He has always been there to protect and guide. I lean in and hang on all the while trusting in His plan is perfect, although I don’t always know why.

His gift of my late husband, although it was short and fast, but wow exactly what we both needed at the time. God brought us together and God worked through us both to heal and lean on Him more during that time. Now, through loosing a job I thought was going to be my life work, and where I could just walk to, was just a detour to where I am now. I cannot walk to work, but it is only 15 min. drive in the country and I love it. I also get to work with my dogs, their dogs (6 in total) and everyday is different. Life is like a roller coaster, but I know He will see me through it.

Thank you Jesus!

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