People don’t know that I almost died from Covid-19 in June of 2021. My church was praying for me. I am 69 yrs old, diabetic type 2. I had bronchitis and my husband got Covid. A week later, I tested positive for Covid-19. I woke up on June 21 realizing that I had lost 27 days I couldn’t remember. I was released into a rehab because I couldn’t walk anymore. While in there I found out I was on a ventilator 5 days. My kidneys and liver shut down. I talk to people in the hospital but I don’t remember anything. My church calls me a walking miracle. Every Day is still a fight, but Jesus is so real to me.  Jesus kept me safe and reassured me that he wasn’t finished with me yet. All I know is Jesus is loving and faithful in all times good or bad.

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