I would like to share a God moment that happened this morning. At Blackhawk Church, we are going through the sermon on the Mount. Last week was the message of our command to love, even our enemies.

My wife has a family member that we do not talk to on a regular basis. I would deem the relationship to be toxic. She probably hasn’t had a conversation with this individual in over a year. My wife shared with me this morning that she had a dream about this person. God told her she is having a challenge in their life and that she needs to help this person.

My first reaction is “not going to happen”, as would have been my wife’s reaction. As she was getting ready for the day, this morning, that family member messaged her saying she’s having a rough patch and needed help handling the situation and that she “prayed and asked God who she could turn to help her or help point her in the right direction to someone who could help.” God said “my wife”.

I would be willing to bet if it had not been for God reaching out in that dream, the answer would have been “No”.

This is just a reminder that God loves everyone, even your enemies. We should pray for everyone and pray to God for more opportunities in our lives to be an example of God’s love.

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