Dave celebrates the lives he saw being transformed on his trip to Honduras last November.

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Dave shares what he noticed most significantly about the kids he met.

A completely unplanned moment resulted in one of the most impactful worship services Dave ever attended.

Dave got gifts from the kids of Honduras…now it’s time to give them some love.

Here’s a picture of Dave’s sponsored child, Jenifer:

3 Responses to "OneChild – Dave Conour on his trip to Honduras"

  • Cassandra Wagner says:

    Please, Please, Please… Sponsor a child.

    I am a mom of 4 who became a nurse in my late thirties after years of financial struggle. One of the things that I really wanted to do when I got that “real job” was to sponsor a child. I finally did just that through a different child sponsorship program at Lifest in 2013… I started with 2 children, then 3, then 4…

    8 years later, I still have 2 of those original children, now teenage boys in Rwanda and Bangladesh, and I’ve have added *a few* more in other countries when I just couldn’t help myself.

    Through letters over the years, I have watched these children go from a subsistence existence to being able to start planning for their future. I hope to one day meet them, but I know that they know that God loves them, He sees them, He has plans for them & that I love them too.

    One of my proudest Mom-Moments, was when my youngest son, now a sophomore in college, told me that he now has a sponsored child of his own.

    Some people have big houses… brand new cars… I don’t have those things…
    But I have my *bonus* kids… and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Trust me … It’s worth it!

  • samuel e shreve says:

    Interested in supporting a child. would like more information per monthly cost ect.
    Thank you

    1. Dave Conour says:

      Hey there, Samuel! Sponsorship is $39 per month and you can find more information about OneChild and a link to the children that have been set aside for our listeners here: https://life1025.com/onechild/

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