The Nearly Impossible Question – 6:20 weekday mornings

Monday 1/24/22

A recent survey suggests that doing this will help you sleep better. What is it?

Answer: Painting your bedroom purple

Tuesday 1/25/22

We use YouTube for “how-to” videos a lot in America. One activity is the most searched. What is it?

Answer: How to tie a tie

Wednesday 1/26/22

The average American forgets things 300 times per year. Just over 10% of those are forgetting one thing. What is it?

Answer: Taking their prescription medications

Thursday 1/20/22

About 3 out of 5 people say you should do this before 8 am. What is it?

Answer: Call someone

Friday 1/21/22

According to a recent study, this topped the list of factors contributing to workplace satisfaction. What is it?

Answer: A window