Here are two words you can take with you for 2022…”You Matter”!  Check out today’s kindness story.

Kindness Is Contagious

Sarah Tachon – A “You Matter” story

Sarah Tachon – Kindness tip





One Response to "Kindness is contagious – 1/5/22"

  • Laura Peck says:

    I love hearing your kindness tips. I want to share a act of kindness before Christmas. My husband works part time at a local car wash. Before Christmas a customer asked my husband if he had any young children or grandchildren. When my husband told him we have our 10 year old grandson living with us the gentleman motioned my husband to the trunk of his car. He gave my husband a overboard to give to our grandson. This was truly a blessing as we were not sure what to get him. GOD certainly works miracles through people.

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